Tinker Tailor Soldier Trailer

I almost fell over myself with excitement a couple of months ago when I saw the trailer for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. One of the things that I knew was going to get me through the door the day it opened was the music. It so perfectly captured the tension and mood, hitting each beat of the trailer, underpinning each throaty utterance of the kind of actorly line-up that casting directors fantasise about.

Except when I went to see the film recently, the music was nowhere to be found. Tinker Tailor is, for my money, the standout film of 2011 so far, that appears to to have found an actual wormhole back to 1973. The score by Alberto Iglesias is nicely atmospheric, unobtrusive, gets the job done, no complaints.

But… but I just couldn’t help but feel a bit shortchanged, robbed of what I thought was going to be an integral part of the cinema experience of Tinker Tailor. Even if I had got a burst of the trailer music over the end credits I would have been happy. I didn’t of course and scrambled for the internet as soon as I was back to find out what I’d missed. Unexpectedly, it was Danny Elfman’s score for The Wolfman. Needless to say I was straight over to Amazon for the music. I’ve given that film a miss so far and I think I can live without it. Mind you I might have felt differently if they had used Elfman’s music in the trailer for The Wolfman rather than this bland semi-rock. Continue reading