Work portfolio

A selection of my written, design and audiovisual work for the MRC Epidemiology Unit and Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR).

Evidence summaries and data visualisations

CEDAR Evidence Briefs
Using focus-group input from policymakers and practitioners, I designed and developed a range of Evidence Briefs: succinct summaries of research findings for policymakers and practitioners.

I co-write individual Evidence Briefs with researchers, and lay them out using Adobe Indesign. Full series at

I have worked with researchers and web developers to develop data visualisations.  For instance, I co-devised with a PhD Student, and layed out using InDesign. an interactive visualisation Food, income and education: who eats more of what? I then worked with web developers to produce an interactive version.  I also co-devised with a PhD student and a web developer Food price changes 2002-2015 interactive.

Evidence submissions
I have been involved in the drafting of a number of evidence submissions to policy bodies and guidance producing organisations. For example, I compiled the first drafts of the CEDAR / MRC Epidemiology Unit submissions to the House of Commons Health Select Committee in 2015, and worked with researchers to finalise the submission.

Layout and design

MRC Epidemiology and CEDAR leaflets
I wrote and designed ‘trifold’ leaflets for the MRC Epidemiology Unit and Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR), adopting a ‘baubles effect’ from a Medical Research Council designed banner,

Food environment assessment tool (Feat) logo and promotional material
I designed the logo for as well as promotional material including a Feat postcard.

I revamped and rebranded the MRC Epidemiology Unit’s annual Volunteer Times newsletter as epigram. I created a more engaging format with a magazine approach to articles that tell stories of a year in the Unit. epigram is co-produced with a colleague, Paul Browne.


I devised and present The Confidence Interval, an occasional podcast from the MRC Epidemiology Unit – talking science, people and public health.

I co-wrote and co-produced a promotional video for the Food environment assessment tool (Feat) with Dr Thomas Burgoine. I shot the majority of the footage, and edited the video using Adobe Premiere Elements. 

My main photography portfolio is at I also take headshots of staff at the MRC Epidemiology Unit. Examples can be found where there are professional photographs on staff profile pages here.

Academic publications

  • Esther M.F. van Sluijs and Oliver Francis (2015) “A Story Lost in Translation—or a Cautionary Tale?” Journal of Physical Activity and Health
  • Van Der Graaf, Peter; Francis, Oliver; Doe, Elizabeth; Barrett, Eimear; O’Rorke, Michael; Docherty, Graeme (2017). Structural approaches to knowledge exchange: comparing practices across five Centres of Excellence in Public Health. Journal of Public Health.
  • Monsivais O, Francis O, Lovelace R, Chang M, Strachan E, Burgoine T. (2018) Data visualisation to support obesity policy: Case studies of data tools for planning and transport policy in the UK. International Journal of Obesity
  • Cullerton K, Adams J, Forouhi N, Francis O, White M. (2019) Building consensus on the governance of relationships between dietary public health researchers and the food industry: two stage, online, international Delphi study and a stakeholder survey. PLOS ONE
  • Cullerton K, Adams J, Forouhi N, Francis O, White M. (2019) What principles should guide interactions between researchers and the food industry? Systematic scoping review of peer reviewed and grey literature. Obesity Reviews.
  • Adams J, Cullerton K, Forouhi N, Francis O, White M. Population health researchers interacting with the commercial food sector: we need better guidance to negotiate conflicts of interest. In submission.